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Following are some of the main issues that need to be considered when preparing Pro Rubbish Removal Melbourne. Terms of Use. The following basic terms and conditions document is applicable for Pro Rubbish Removal Melbourne. This document constitutes a legal binding contract between the user and the Pro Rubbish Removal Melbourne website owner. Legal compliance is a must for adequate management of legal risk.

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By accessing the Pro Rubbish Removal Melbourne website www.prorubbishremovalmelbourne.com.au, you acknowledge to have read and understood these terms of use and accept to be bound by the provisions therein.

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Pro Rubbish Removal Melbourne do not accept any liability arising from the use of this document. Any potential physical or mental harm arising from the use of the content herein is not the liability of Pro Rubbish Removal Melbourne.

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This entire clause contains all assumptions whether express or implied and is subject to legal compliance. Any clause not specified herein shall apply so long as it is in accordance with the Australian laws.

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Any user information including passwords and other sensitive details shall only be used for provision of services. These shall be treated with utmost confidentiality as stated in our privacy agreement.

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Any legal issue arising from the use of Pro Rubbish Removal Melbourne shall be solved in accordance with the Australian laws. All legal matters shall follow due process in the Australian court of law.

Warranty liability

Pro Rubbish Removal Melbourne accept no warranty concerning the use of this free legal document neither do we accept any liability arising from the use of this document.


No fee shall be charged on the use of this website. We do not charge anything direct or indirect for use of our website.

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